Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You must visit the blogs of my friends

Underneath my picture are three blogs I highly recomend you check out. I will detail them below:

Gooses Ganders. This wonderful website cares not to review concerts, events, and American culture, but rather LIVE it all through the blogosphere. A must read. "Goose" is one of my best friends in the whole world. One of the best concertgoers in the nation.

On Life and Lybberty. He will hook you. You may not always agree with writer Jacob Lybbert, but he will educate you. Once you have been schooled, you can tell him he is full of shit. He reads his comments and they are often lively. Mr. Lybbert was my debate partner/teammate in high school. A graduate of BYU, he is currently working on a MA in Modern History at UCL in Cambridge.

The Ill Quill. This delightful little blog will quickly become one of your favorites. Written by my roomate at University, I have wasted countless hours on his site. Nick is the nicest guy you will ever meet, and it shows in his blogwork. He mixes witty ideas, cartoons, and poetry with ease. Take a minute to review his work next time you have a free minute.

Addition (Tuesday, May 8th)

keyed in. This blogger continually amazes with thought-provoking multi-media art straight outta brooklyn. How did I leave him off my earlier list? Emoticon. Bengt Robert Asplund III has long been a copywriter in NYC, a personal friend much longer. Bengt will always score my praise and I consider him one of the brilliant young minds of our time.


Goose Babcock said...

The Goose has Gandered and he likes!

M@ers said...

thanks for the kind words. might have to take you up on the picture story challenge.